Detroit Golf Club Wedding

February 2, 2022

Detroit Golf Club Wedding




Welcome to Marisa and Max’s Detroit Golf Club Wedding! This one is a tear jerker, so grab your tissues. Max’s first look with Marisa is one of the sweetest things you will ever witness. So many tears were shed on this wedding day! The love was flowing. These two were so natural with one another that it made capturing all of the candid moments an absolute joy for me. I love a good smile, laugh, or even a few tears. Capturing true emotion fills my heart.

This wedding day was super HOT! It was a very sunny day, in August, with temps in the high 80’s. While at many weddings we are embracing and chasing the sunlight, this day we were trying our best to avoid the heat. We stayed indoors and in the shade as much as possible! We did not want Marisa or Max melting. Staying inside was actually a blessing in disguise. Although Marisa loves candid shots, Max preferred more traditional photos. The interior of the Detroit Golf Club lends well to creating phenomenal classic black and white images.

I have to say, the Detroit Golf Club is one of the most gorgeous wedding venues in Detroit! Walking through the hallways you’ll quickly feel the timeless and classic vibe of the building. The wonderful thing about these hallways is that if you, heaven forbid, got a rainy wedding day you’d have a fabulous indoor space for photos. Not only that, but the outdoor grounds are just as beautiful! There is plenty of open space and greenery in every direction, it would be hard not to take a spectacular photo here. I fully recommend the Detroit Golf Club!

Venue: Detroit Golf Club

Church: Royal Oak First United Methodist Church

Wedding Coordinator: Silver Bean Events

Photographer: Green Holly Photography

Detroit Golf Club Wedding Day
Bride Getting Ready and the Detroit Golf Club
Wedding at the Detroit Golf Club
Detroit Golf Club Wedding Groom
Groomsmen getting ready at the Detroit Golf Club, Michigan
Michigan wedding at the Detroit Golf Club
Bride and Bridesmaids at the Detroit Golf Club. Michigan Wedding.
Bride at the Detroit Golf Club. Michigan Wedding.
Bride and Groom first look at the Detroit Golf Club. Michigan Wedding.
detroit golf club wedding
detroit golf club wedding
wedding at the detroit golf club
Wedding Party at the Detroit Golf Club
Wedding Photos at the Detroit Golf Club
Bride and Groom Photos at the Detroit Golf Club
Wedding at the Detroit Golf Club in Michigan


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