Sarah         Giovanni


Washington D.C.

Eloping in Washington D.C. is a magical experience. As the sun rises, you exchange vows on the steps, surrounded by the significance and grandeur of the Lincoln Memorial. The Reflecting Pool glistens, creating a calming, serene atmosphere. Afterwards, you explore the National Mall, capturing beautiful moments amidst iconic landmarks. It's a day of love, history, and unforgettable memories.


Photography - Green Holly
Florals - Love Blooms D.C.
Accessories - Erin Rhyne
Veil - Vera Wang

Design - AMV
Hair/Makeup - Madeline Eleanor
Gowns - Ines DiSanto & OM Couture

MOMENTS  together

Most Unforgettable

We take on a very limited number of wedding commissions each year. We would love for you and your wedding to be a part of our lineage. 

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