Four Tips for Stunning Flatlays

February 14, 2023




Flatlay photos are a great way to encapsulate the mood and style of your wedding day. With flatlays you can arrange all the small elements you’ve stressed for months over, such as flowers, jewelry, or other meaningful items, into a visually appealing images that reflect the style of your wedding! In this blog post, I’ll be discussing four tips for stunning flatlays. These are how I create breathtaking flatlays from your wedding details. From choosing the right lighting to accessorizing with props, these tips will help you get creative and make sure your photos are perfect for sharing online and displaying proudly!


Leave enough time! Beautiful flatlay images cannot be created in five minutes. If all the items are ready for us upon arrival it can take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour to create your collection of detail shots. You’ve spent months, if not a year thinking about all these little details of your day. Document them properly. These images set the tone of your day and your wedding album.


The number one question that I’m asked is, “What items do you need?” I have made a generalized list below to get you started. You may not have all of these things, and you may have more than these things. What you’d like included is up to you!

What to Include:

Two sets of the invitation suite (preferably with stamped envelopes)

Any other day-of paper goods (ceremony program, place cards, menu, etc)

Vow books

Flowers- Bouquet, boutonnières, corsages, loose flowers.

Wedding bands and Engagement Ring, in a special ring box if you have one.

Jewelry: Earrings, necklace, bracelet …

Accessories: Handbag, gloves, sunglasses … Watch, Cufflinks

Tie / Bowtie

Tie clip

Hairpiece / Veil


Perfume / Cologne

Sentimental items (Grandma’s rosary, Dad’s handkerchief, etc.)

Welcome gift


Decorative Hanger

Personal letters

Personal gifts


Have generous amounts of flowers. Besides your bouquets, boutonnières, and corsages, have loose flowers that can be added to the flatlays as filler/decoration. Sometimes thats as simple as asking your florist for a small bucket of extra flowers they aren’t using. If they build your bouquets and centerpieces and have some overages, great! Florals make all the difference!


Have all your items ready and space prepared. If you can have all of your items in one location (maybe one box), with tags and stickers removed when I arrive it will speed things up tremendously. If you have a floor space clear near beautiful natural lighting (next to a window) that would be a huge bonus!

Hopefully these four tips will help us collaborate and create stunning flatlays on your wedding day!

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