Unplugged Wedding Ceremonies

July 6, 2021

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An unplugged wedding ceremony is where the couple requests that their guests not use cellphones, cameras, iPads, and other photographic devices. Although we love our devices, they can easily have a negative effect on your ceremony photos. While you may initially think all of those guest’s photos would be great to add to the documenting of your day (plus you get them right away), I urge you to read this entire post before you make your decision.


  • Sometimes aggressive guests will actually stand in the middle of the aisle and block my view. They primarily do this during the big moments such as the bride walking down the aisle, exchange of the rings, and the first kiss. Yes, this does happen, and it has ruined quite a few photos of these moments for my couples. 
  • Guests often hold their cameras or phones high above the crowds and into the aisles. I even had a man put his phone on a selfie stick and hold it into the middle of the aisle. This means the phones are still getting in my view, either by blocking important moments or giving you photos filled to the brim with devices. 
  • When guests are viewing your wedding through tier screens they aren’t ‘present’ in your ceremony. They’re missing incredibly important moments in your life. Without the devices, they’re able to watch and take in the entire ceremony and have more pleasant memories of the event. They are then able to wholeheartedly celebrate your marriage. 
  • For indoor and night ceremonies, flashes from these cameras and phones can mess up the professional photographer’s images. We have our settings set to be documented perfectly on our cameras. When you throw in extra bright lighting from various directions it can be a huge hindrance to your photo exposure. Not to mention it can create odd, harsh shadows. 
  • Sounds. Although this isn’t strictly photographic, it could possibly affect your video or the overall mood of your wedding ceremony. By sounds I mean the sound of cameras clicking. Have you ever watched a press event and all you hear is 1,000 cameras going off at once? That’s the sound I mean, well, one of them. Cameras have a very loud shutter click and when you have that going off constantly, especially in a quiet environment, it’s a bit annoying. The other sound I’m talking about is the ‘beep’ sound some people have on their cameras when they’re focusing. Beginners don’t often know how to turn off these alert sounds. There is nothing worse than being in a quiet church ceremony and hearing the constant ‘chirp’ of your uncle’s camera. 


  • Include a note on the front of your program
  • Create a large welcome sign that kindly asks them to keep their devices put away until after the ceremony. You can put this sign where guests enter or at the end of your aisle
  • Have your officiant make an announcement before anything begins. 


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